Honey Detox Massage

Indications, effects of honey detoxification massage

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Honey Detox Massage is a beautiful health-beneficial massage, a very effective traditional method that improves the condition of our body. It removes toxins from the body, reduces stress and reduces the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The immune system may be weakened or even collapsed by accumulated toxins and poisons that enter the body from the environment, food and drugs. The collapse of the immune system results in the outbreak of many diseases. The normal pathways of excretion of poisons from the body are through the intestines, lungs, and skin. If this excretion is not enough, the body begins to look for alternative pathways that cause disease - chronic rhinitis, hay fever, nasal inflammation, skin rashes, purulent pimples, effusions, eczema, asthma, rheumatism, bowel diseases, urinary tract infections, muscle pain , blistering of the skin and peeling of the skin. Honey has great detoxifying effects, it removes accumulated pollutants from the body that the body has collected in its tissues throughout life. During the honey massage, the healing power of bee honey causes the skin to touch the body. Using a special pressure massage, the toxins float to the skin surface and are clearly visible. If the honey turns gray, it means the organism has been clogged.

Honey detoxification massage works very effectively against diseases, but it can also be applied to manage stress, chronic and civilization diseases, in spring cleansing bones, fatigue, revitalize the inner organism, cleanse the skin and leave it velvety smooth.

Indications, effects of honey detoxification body massage in delhi

helps with blood circulation problems, allergies (unless it is a honey allergy)

reduces arthritis and rheumatic muscle and joint pain

relieves stomach and intestinal disorders

inhibits chronic rhinitis and sinus diseases

removes chronic fatigue syndrome

it removes headaches

it removes nerve disorders of all kinds

helps with difficulty falling asleep and insomnia

helps with fatigue

helps with menstrual problems of women

it relieves depression and age-related weaknesses

suitable for slow recovery from diseases, especially liver diseases, pancreatic disorders, renal impairment, postoperative operations, potency and infertility

contributes to gaining vitality and performance

Contraindications when honey massage is not suitable

allergy to honey or. pollen

open and wet wounds

bleeding, eg in gastric ulcers


infectious and contagious diseases

eczema and rash

cancer diseases

high eye pressure

Other recommendations

before you visit, test your reaction to honey at home, ie, pour honey on your forearm

increase fluid intake, preferably pure non-flavored still water

do not use chemical body and hair shampoos on the treated body after a massage for about 12 hours

especially after the first visit, short-term fatigue occurs for people with a higher toxic load, so plan your sleep

What is massaged during a honey massage?

Massage in lying on bare body. On the back, a layer of warmed honey is spread into which the essential oils are mixed and the massage is carried out by alternating the swinging movement of both palms (pumping) while maintaining the lymph flow. Every 20 minutes, the honey is washed with warm water using a washcloth and new honey is used. This eliminates dirt and toxins during the procedure. After the massage, the honey is washed off with warm water and the skin is dried with a towel. The skin is non-sticky, smooth, supple and well-blooded. . Honey massage can be performed on the back and joints. As with other natural treatments, even after a massage, the condition may first deteriorate, which should be seen as a positive sign that the body is beginning to excrete old poisons and impurities. In acute cases, honey massage is performed twice a week. After the massage, honey is removed from the back. The massage is performed with the accompaniment of relaxing music and the aromalamp essential oils.

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